Biotechnology FAQ

What is biotechnology?

The simplest definition of biotechnology is that it is technology based on biology. We know that biology is the study of life and refers to living things or living systems. When these systems are used to create products to improve life,we call it biotechnology. Of course, there are more comprehensive definitions of biotechnology, but we’d like to keep things simple and not too overwhelming. As you read on in our site, you will have a better view of how intricate and complex, yet important and captivating biotechnology is. We want visitors to our site to appreciate biotechnology, especially when they read about the many interesting facts about biotechnology.

What are GMOs?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs have had some part of their genes or genetic material changed or altered in some way. An example would be golden rice. Golden rice has been changed in such a way that it contains large amounts of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is found lacking in the diet of many poor populations. One effect of lack of Vitamin A is blindness. So golden rice be a big help to many. However, there is a lot of controversy about GMOs, especially with regards to their supposedly harmful effects to the environment and to humans as well. Unfortunately, for many people, GMOs are the only part of biotechnology in the present that they have heard of.

Who can benefit from your blog?

Anyone who is interested in learning and gaining knowledge, who is interested in science and technology and developments in biotechnology can benefit from this blog. Children will also benefit as they will learn in an enjoyable way through the games and trivia found in this blog. Students can find material here that can help them with schoolwork and projects. Ordinary individuals who just want to learn something new and exciting will be rewarded with the surprising facts found in this blog.

Who makes use of biotechnology?

We all make use of biotechnology. Man has been making use of biotechnology for thousands of years. Man made use of biotechnology when he invented bread. Farmers make use of biotechnology from their own experience and homegrown wisdom when they learn how to mix crops together to get a better yield, or to make improvements on the plants that they cultivate. To meet the world’s demands, many companies such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural firms and food manufacturers turn to biotechnology to meet the earth’s increasing demands in terms of food, fuel and medicine. This is the biotechnology industry

Who are the people behind this blog?

You may go to our home page and click on the “About Us” button to get to know about the people behind this blog. We want as much information about biotechnology as to be accessible to the public in a form that is enjoyable to read and easy to understand.We believe that the future of biotechnology is bright, it will help solve our world’s many problems. With biotechnology, there is hope for our future. This is the hope that we want to share with the world.