Kratom For Euphoria

Mitragyna speciosa or kratom leaves with medicinal products in capsules and powder in white ceramic bowl and wooden table, top view

If you are desiring a perfect combination of red kratom strains for euphoria the two above, then green veins/strains are the way to go. A Perfect Storm! The green strain is truly something quite special with it’s potent pain relieving and energizing properties. It is not too much, not too little of anything. It perfectly helps boost energy while killing pain and promoting relaxation. How much better can it get? Green Malaysian is superb for treating chronic pain and general aches. Malay and Super Green are my personal favorites for treating the chronic back pain from three failed surgeries. Click the links above to find the best Super Greens and best Malays on the market. Unlike most prescription pain medications, green strains relieve pain effectively without any drowsiness. It is great for giving a mild energy and boosting mental clarity. Maeng Da, or Pimp Grade, is a strain produced by artificial selection mainly in Thailand that is superior in quality. Maeng Da is made from the blending and grafting of select plants known for potency in an effort to create the absolute best strain .

White veins are known to be the most powerful energizers and they give the user a sense of euphoria at high doses. It is considered a stimulant and it truly does the trick when you simply need a quick boost! Because of these stimulating properties, white veins are often used to treat depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and even narcolepsy. As with all strains, the level of effect will depend greatly on the user, the general health of the individual, the dosage and the user’s tolerance level. White veins are the way to go when you are sure your day will be long and full of hard-work. It will boost energy naturally without any jitters or aggravation, unlike many other stimulants. Whites are great for improving memory and concentration. I tend to use White Maeng Da or White Sundra on late nights writing, or when I am cramming for my midterms. Whites are never too powerful and only on rare occassions does the user experience any type of agitation or nervousness.

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