Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic

Dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment is necessary when an addiction specialist or psychiatrist identifies that the patient is not only suffer from a substance addiction and needs a drug rehab center, but is using it to mask underlying mental health issues that require special attention and treatment from a psychologist or mental health professional.

If overcoming drug and alcohol addiction wasn’t hard enough, it can feel essentially impossible whenever you are then left to deal with mental disorders alone. Many addicted individuals are fearful about reaching out for help with mental concerns as it makes them feel as though they are defective or lesser.

Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic, am alcohol detox center knows for certain that many people suffering with mental health disorders are often very intelligent, capable individuals. A mental health problem should be viewed no different than a physical illness. Our primary goal is to help you recover and lead a better life.

Are you looking for dual diagnosis drug treatment in Port Saint Lucie? Our facility has experience working with addicts suffering from all types of mental health disorders: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, personality disorders, and trauma. We work to help alleviate immediate symptoms you may be facing, but ultimately provide the help of an appropriate neuro psychiatric specialist who can treat you while you simultaneously undergo addiction treatment.

Our goal is to primarily detox patients in an effort to differentiate the addiction disorder from any underlying mental heath disorders. Patients are monitored 24/7, offered constant support, and cared for as your body undergoes this difficult change. Once patients have successfully detoxed, we can begin the process of treating the additional issues.

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