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Welcome to the world of biotechnology! You can find the latest news, updates, developments and facts in the vast and exciting field of biotechnology. We are here to tell you about the interesting facts about biotechnology, biotechnologyinthepresent, and what the future in biotechnologyis all about.

Biotechnology can seem intimidating and may even be a repulsive subject to some. But we’re here to show how interesting and important andFUN biotechnology can be. We would like to share with the world why we have such a passion for biotechnology. We hope that each visitor to this site will learn to appreciate how biotechnology influences many aspects of our lives. We want you to see how biotechnology is related to the food we eat, the plants that grow around us, the air we breathe, the medication we take, the clothes we wear and many other things you may not have thought had anything to do with biotechnology. Did you know, for example, that the beer, beloved beverage for many, is a product of biotechnology? Did you know that, because of biotechnology, we now understand that we are all more or less the same and that only 0.1% of our DNA is what makes each one of us special? These are only some interesting facts we can learn from biotechnology.


Join us as we explore this intricate part of science. For kids, we have fun games and trivia to help encourage learning without causing boredom.Some of the most incredible and mind-boggling facts in science can be found in biotechnology. Biotechnology involves creativity and innovation – important traits to instill in children. We hope our site will help children develop these two traits, which might one day help them come up with answers or inventions that will contribute to humanity. Students will find useful information for their schoolwork and projects here as well. Learning about biotechnology is an enjoyable journey on our site. We hope to erase any fear or distaste that one might have of biotechnology and replace it with wonder, understanding and appreciation.

We welcome visitors to share their ideas and opinions on this site. We have a side blog for regular writers who share their stories, opinions and feedback regarding biotechnology in our world today. Our writers share our passion. They are also knowledgeable and well-informed. They have come here to contribute what they know and to share their enthusiasm with us. Biotechnology is also controversial, so we do not discourage sharing of opinions. As there have been many negative reports related to biotechnology, we want to share objective views to clear up misunderstanding or confusion. We believe that, in keeping the public well-informed, better choices and decisions can be made for a better planet.

Biotechnology will definitely influence the world’s future in a way that will surely be beeficial. The many developments in this field have already contributed so much in agriculture, medicine, food science, industrial processes, and even in the world economy. Come, explore with us! Taste the flavors, smell the aromas, feel the textures, see the colors, and imbibe the sustenance that biotechnology offers!