5 Interesting Facts of Biotechnology You Didn’t Know

    By / December 17, 2015

    Picture yourself peeling a banana and finding, to your surprise, not the flesh of a banana inside but corn on the cob! It may sound impossible but not in biotechnology. Lately, biotechnology has earned a bad rap. People talk about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and point at biotechnology accusingly. But there are actually a lot of cool things about biotechnology and we’ll talk about some of them here.

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    Biotechnology combines biology and technology. Its best known (o perhaps most notorious) for its use of genetic manipulation. You may be surprised to discover that a lot stuff at home, especially in your kitchen, or even things you come in contact with daily may be a product of biotechnology. So here are some interesting facts about of biotechnology:

    Agriculture is part of biotechnology. Okay, so you’ve heard stories of monster companies developing monster crops from genetic splicing. And maybe you’re nodding your head because you think you’ve known this all along. But then, even without the ‘sinister’genetic manipulation, agriculture uses biological knowhow to get better crop yields and overall better quality produce. For example, your favorite watermelon is seedless because of biotechnology, but not because of any gene splicing. It was achieved by some devious cross-breeding! Smart farmers have their own homegrown knowledge of biotechnology and they know what to do to get a good crop.

    Biotechnology comes in different colors. That’s right. It’s not just the rainbow that comes in different hues. There’s blue, red, green and white biotechnologies. Blue is the color of the ocean, so blue biotechnology has to do with water and bodies of water.Think of blood or the Red Cross and I guess that’s why red biotechnology is related to medical processes. Green is the color of plants, so green biotechnology has to do with agriculture. White biotechnology is used in also called industrial biology. Thanks to white biotechnology, factories have developed cleaner manufacturing processes.

    Biotechnology saves lives. The insulin that is FDA has approved is synthetic and a product of research and experimentation in biotechnology. Many diabetics are able to live normal lives thanks to synthetic insulin. Because of biotechnology, a lot of drugs have been developed that have improved, if not saved, the lives of many.

    There are only 8 crops in the US that are genetically-modified. Surprise! With all the talk about GMOs, we somehow get the impression that everything we eat has undergone genetic manipulation and that our lives are in peril. The eight crops are corn, soybeans, cotton, alfalfa, papaya, canola, sugar beets and squash. Biotechnology has helped make these crops better resistant to pests, fungi, viruses and weeds.

    Biotechnology may well save mankind. While others of weapons and wars to save mankind, saving the human race is the future of biotechnology. As we’ve learned, biotechnology in the present has helped make our lives more comfortable, our environment cleaner, our food more enjoyable to eat, and our bodies healthier. The world’s basic need is food, and the world needs to produce more food than ever before in smaller areas of land than we’ve had before. This is the challenge to mankind, and biotechnology may well have the solution.


    Welcome to the world of biotechnology! You can find the latest news, updates, developments and facts in the vast and exciting field of biotechnology. We are here to tell you about the interesting facts about biotechnology, biotechnologyinthepresent, and what the future in biotechnologyis all about. Biotechnology can seem intimidating and may even be a repulsive subject to some. But we’re here to show how interesting and important andFUN biotechnology can be